Stain remover n°1- Paint

To preserve fabrics and colors , it is important to always test the product applied to a small inconspicuous area before using it on the stained area.

How to remove a paint stain?

Do you find them particularly complicated to remove, especially on delicate fabrics? Our expert DJOSSYE offers you the most suitable advice to clean them effectively without any risk of damaging the textile.

How to remove a paint stain from jeans?


Apply stain remover 1 to the stain on both sides of the fabric. You can combine it with stain remover 5 to maximize the result.

Remove excess stain, being careful not to damage the fabric.

Turn the fabric over so that the stain remover breaks up the molecular structure.

Pat and brush the solution-soaked stain.

Get an immediate result or let it act for 15 minutes if the stain is old. You can repeat the operation if necessary.

Be careful before using grandma's tricks. Products like hydrogen peroxide or bleach can discolor your jeans.

Grandmother's tricks are not always reliable for an effectiveness that is not even guaranteed, this is what makes the advantage of our stain remover

The + of our stain remover

Our product combines ecology and performance. It offers immediate effectiveness without being aggressive either for the tissue or for the skin. It has been carefully developed by experts to respect both the planet and the user: solvent-free, allergen-free, phosphate-free, without unpleasant odors...

The basics of stain removal

Act as soon as possible

Never wash an already stained fabric

Never use hot water

Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.
Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.