DJOSSYE, stain removal expert


Make stains your best enemy by combining efficiency and ecology.

We've all spent a lot of time removing a stain, sometimes to no avail. Sometimes we even gave up because the stain did not disappear despite all our insistence. Damn false advertising!

Getting stained has become a fear. Together, we will fight against this scourge.

DJOSSYE is a family business that thinks about your well-being, that of the planet and the good treatment of textiles. Only designed with a mineral or vegetable base, all stain removers are 100% ecological. Our responsible ethics are consistent with more than 25 years of expertise. At the slightest question, we are fully available to assist you at the following address: or on our networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). #DJOSSYE

The DJOSSYE spirit is the story of a life, mine, that I would like to share with you

1964 - 1992

💬 I grew up in a village around wonderful animals and plants. Despite my desire to work for biodiversity, I finally obtained a master's degree in financial economics.

▶ 1992 - 1995 ◀

💬 Based in Paris, I did odd jobs until I found my way. (the awakening of the roosters has been replaced by that of the works).

1995 – 2000

💬 Employed in a laundry, I quickly become passionate about my job. That of removing very encrusted stains. Nevertheless, I note that many of them persist and that several garments are damaged (discoloration, bleaching, etc.) by the use of chemical products.

2000 – 2004

💬 I decide to open my laundry which quickly turns into a laboratory. Satisfying my customers by replacing existing products with effective and ecological products was my source of motivation.

2004 – 2014

💬 Accompanied by professional chemists, after several years of development, the range of stain removers that meets all my criteria is born: immediate action, effective on all colors and all textiles, 100% ecological, odorless and non-aggressive.

2018 – 2020

💬 DJOSSYE is experiencing a meteoric rise in just a few months! The success of stain removers, due to its proven effectiveness, goes beyond French borders (Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, North Africa, Ivory Coast, Congo, etc.).


💬 Opening of the range of DJOSSYE stain removers to individuals with a method of use within everyone's reach!

It's your turn to become an expert in stain removal!
Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.
Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.