Who are we ? ⏤ DJOSSYE

Who are we ?

Djossye, a family business and 25 years of expertise.

We didn't choose to create yet another brand of stain remover to make you believe in miracles. On the contrary, we preferred to develop stain removers by family of stains to ensure their effectiveness.

You will now be serene about staining yourself and proud to talk about these ecological stain removers at your family meals. And yes, Djossye stain removers are only designed with a mineral or vegetable base. They are 100% ecological. Here, we are committed to thinking about your well-being and the proper treatment of your textiles.

By the way, Djossye stain removers are obviously suitable for all colors, on all textiles.

Our mission

Make stains your best enemy by combining efficiency and ecology.

It's the bet of a father and his two daughters: really effective stain removers. Even better, immediately effective (yes, yes!) and ecological.

We've all spent a lot of time removing a stain, sometimes to no avail. Sometimes we even gave up because the stain did not disappear despite all our insistence. Worse still, we have already stopped putting on your new garment because of this stain. Damn false advertising!

Getting stained has become a fear. Together, we will fight against this scourge, while respecting the planet.

At the slightest question, we will be happy to discuss with you at the following address: contact@djossye.com or on our networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). #DJOSSYE

Learn about DJOSSYE through the years…

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  • 1992 ⏤ My childhood

    💬 My name is Omar, I grew up in a village where I spent most of my time admiring the beauty of nature. This environment allowed me to develop a real sensitivity for our ecosystem. Despite my desire to study biodiversity to work in this field, I finally obtained a master's degree in financial economics. Based in Paris, I did odd jobs until I found my way. (the awakening of the roosters has been replaced by that of the works).

  • 1995 ⏤ Make Stains Disappear

    Employed in a laundry, I quickly became passionate about my job: that of removing very encrusted stains. Nevertheless, I note that many of them persist and that several garments are damaged (fading, bleaching, etc.) by the use of chemical products .

  • 2000 ⏤ The beginning of the adventure

    I decide to open my laundry which quickly turns into a laboratory. Satisfying my customers by replacing existing products with effective and ecological products was my source of motivation.

  • 2004 ⏤ Product development!

    💬 Accompanied by professional chemists, after several years of development, the range of stain removers that meets all my criteria is born: immediate action, effective on all colors and all textiles, 100% ecological, odorless and non-aggressive.

  • 2018 ⏤ The rise of DJOSSYE!

    💬 DJOSSYE is experiencing a meteoric rise in just a few months! The success of stain removers, due to its proven effectiveness, goes beyond French borders (Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, North Africa, Ivory Coast, Congo, etc.).

  • 2021 ⏤ DJOSSYE in the hands of individuals

    Opening of the range of DJOSSYE stain removers to individuals with a method of use within everyone's reach!

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