prebossant ecologique gris 500ml pour les professionnels avec bouchon canule

Pre-brushing - Ecological

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Paiement sécurisé
Écologique : d’origine minérale
Convient à tous types de textiles et de couleurs
Respecte la santé de l’utilisateur : non agressif
Sans allergène, sans javel, sans phosphate
Efficacité immédiate et suivi assuré !
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The DJOSSYE Pre-brush removes dirt stains on handles, pockets, collars, sleeves, bottom of pants, bottom of dress, tablecloths, food aprons...

✅ Only for aqua-cleaning

Suitable for all types of textiles and colors

Manual :

- Preparation before handling: 1L of prebrush is diluted in 5L of water.
- Handling: Apply the diluted prebrush to the stain, tap and brush carefully to break up the molecular structure, using a suitable brush.
Put the fabric in the washing machine.

Capital gain :

The creator of the range will be happy to accompany you with free training to ensure the proper use of the products. For a first contact, we recommend that any professional contact us directly at the following address: .

Storage :

Keep away from heat sources. Ensure good ventilation of the work area to prevent the formation of vapours.

Close container tightly after each use

Technical sheet

Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.
Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.