Textile Care

DJOSSYE was recently published in the magazine Entretien Textile, which salutes the innovation brought by our products on the stain remover market.

Textile Care honors the biodegradable side of our products

Indeed, many efforts have been made in sectors such as detergents, packaging, solvents, but not enough in the stain remover market, where products are slow to be environmentally friendly.

DJOSSYE, the stain remover that respects the environment.

“[...] Developed from a plant and/or mineral base, the range is suitable for both dry cleaning users and those using wet cleaning. The various stain removers that make it up are 95 to 98% biodegradable in less than 28 days and the containers are recyclable.”

— Textile Care, about DJOSSYE.

Our products are the result of years of research so that our products can respect the environment and your health. In addition, our products are guaranteed phosphate-free and allergen-free.

“From failed tests to confirmed successes, the duo has managed to create a series of stain removers that meet the strictest standards.“

— Textile Care, about DJOSSYE.

Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.
Voir les produits adaptés aux particulier maintenant.